Washa is a sister company of Yordanos hospital which is engaged in trade Imports of medicines and medical equipments. It supplies our hospital with necessary medicines and medical equipments and also distributes imported products to other retailers.

Address and contacts of the company

Contact person – Abebech Getachew (pharmacist)

Telephone: 0911186937

Website: https://www.washapharma.com/

E-mail: abgetdare33@yahoo.com

Dr. Worku Mekonnen returns home
After having spent a period of 6 months in Siriraj Hospital of the Mahidol University of Thailand in Bangkok, Dr. Worku is returning to Addis in the second week of December, 2017. Read More

Dr. Worku Mekonnen returns home
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From 16/01/18 to 21/01/18 Yordanos Hospital did three total knee joint and four total replacement
From 16/01/18 to 21/01/18 Yordanos Hospital did three total knee joint and four total replacement  Read More

News on December 28/2016
Our hospital is primarily dealing with the status and function of bones and joints. Clinical evaluation, conservative and surgical treatment of the bones and joints often involves or is extended to include the nerves and muscles which are responsible for their movements and the state of the bones themselves.
For the last 10 years our hospital has been doing a variety of orthopedicconditions of congenital and acquired physical problems like congenital anddevelopmental abnormalities, infection and inflammation, arthritis andrheumatic disorders, metabolic dysfunction and degeneration, tumors and lesionsthat mimic them, sensory disturbance and muscle weakness, injury and mechanicalderangement. Total and partial hip replacements have also been performed.
Currently we are proud to announce that our hospital hasstarted doing total knee replacement (TKR) for painful,degenerated and disabled knee joints. Obviously, thisadvancement of surgical techniques in Ethiopia will allow manyof the patients to stay in their country; reduce and savetheir surgical treatment; transportation and hotel costs and get their treatment and humble attention by their fellowEthiopians.
In addition many patients from neighboring Somalia, DjiboutiSouth Sudan and even Eritrea & Yemen have been using andcan use even more, of this opportunity to enjoy our facilityand service in getting advanced surgical treatments.
In conclusion, it is not hard to understand that ouradvancement in orthopedics, trauma, plastic surgery,maxillo-facial surgery; arthroscopic surgery; neurosurgicalpractices and finally hip and knee joints replacementsallows our country to save and gain lots of foreign currencies both from outgoing and incoming patients. Read More

News On October 4/2016
Dr Aron Adelved, who is an orthopedic surgeon, has come from     Norway on September 10, 2016.
        Dr Adelved is very much experienced in Total Hip Arthroplasty     and is engaged in sharing his enriched knowledge with us. He will be     staying for the next six weeks and god willing, we will be enjoying his     teachings and instructions in our practice of orthopedics and trauma.

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